Sheep and Goat Ultrasounding

There are many benefits to early pregnancy detection in both sheep and goat herds.

  • Increase number of lambs/kids marketed.
  • We offer on farm trans-abdominal ultrasound scanning. Trans-abdominal scanning is less invasive to the animal, therefore keeping stress levels low.
  • Rapid Results
  • Detection of pregnancies as soon as 35 days after breeding.
  • Decrease lambing/kidding labor by knowing if there are multiple fetuses.
  • Reduce feed costs by removing open ewes/nannies, and determine nutritional needs for single or multiple fetuses.
  • Improve newborn survival rates.

FAMACHA certification-testing

FAMACHA© is a diagnostic test to help small ruminant producers identify animals that require anthelmintic treatment and those which do not require deworming, to help reduce drug resistance in the herd. The tool is a card that matches eyelid color to anemia levels, an indicator of clinical barber pole worm infection. Its use is limited to the parasites which cause anemia. Producers must receive training in order to receive a card.

Disbudding kids: disbudding kid goats is a service Anderson Veterinary Service offers. We want to stress, the age of the goat is very important in this procedure. The ideal time of disbudding is as soon as you can feel the buds (early growth) of the horns, usually within 3-7 days of age. We use a sedation and pain management in this procedure.

Herd health vaccination protocols, disease prevention and management. Our veterinarians will go over vaccination and parasite prevention/control protocols specifically tailored for the sheep and goats on your farm. These protocols are very important for the health of both younger and older animals.