Whether you have a young or senior aged pet, a yearly wellness exam is an important part to maintaining their health.

When you bring your pet in for their yearly check-up the doctor will do a complete physical exam. This includes visual inspection of thier eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, and gums; as well as their hair coat and skin looking for external parasites, hair loss, and scaley skin. The doctor will palpate lymph nodes checking for any indication of swelling and listen to your pet’s heart and lungs checking for any abnormalities. The physical exam will end with the doctor feeling your pet’s bone structure and palpating the abdomen.

We suggest that when you bring your pet in for their exam you also bring a fresh fecal sample. Doing a yearly fecal exam is a sure way to make sure your pet stays free of intestinal parasites. The most common intestinal parasite in cats and dogs is the roundworm which is transferable to humans. While we do carry Iverhart Max, a heartworm preventative for dogs that also treats and controls roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm infections when given monthly all year around, we do not have a similar medication for cats.